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Bon Parfumeur collection in 2.5ml (minishots)

If you want to try the entire range of perfumes by Bon Parfumeur, you can treat yourself to lovely little bottles known as minishots. These are miniature versions (just 2.5 ml) of our large bottles and they’re the perfect way to find your favorite fragrance.

Browse our selection of our perfumes Les Privés Minishots, our brand’s Les Privés fragrances made of rare and exclusive ingredients. You’ll find 104 with its slightly damp leafy scent. With its spicy notes, 303 runs hot and cold. 603 has mysterious, spicy and floral notes. Sensual 903 combines mystery and animality.

You can also choose different perfumes to create your own personal selection. Select five of our perfumes and create a unique assortment that reflects who you are. When you buy 5 minishots, you’ll receive a discount code worth €15. It’s valid for 30 days on the purchase of a 30 ml or 100 ml bottle.

If it’s too difficult to choose, treat yourself to our discovery set of 23 perfumes. You can discover our range of fragrances and choose the ones that suit you best with your next order. Why not mix and match? Mix your favorite fragrances and create your own unique scent.



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